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Black and wh ite photograph of corridor inside the notorious Vladimir Prison. Taken in 1989, the photo shows the prison which dates back to first half of the nineteenth century and held a great many prisoners throughout the Soviet era.


Painting by Nikolai Getman. Two armed secret police men lead a prisoner with his arms restrained behind his back down a prison corridor, possibly back to his cell, possibly to his execution.

Mug shot of prisoner Genrikh Kazimirovich Pozharskii.

Mug shot of N. N. Vinogradov, who was the director of the museum at the Solovetskii camp.

Mug shot of Vladimir Petrovich Kushmir taken in 1929.

A Black Maria or Black Raven--a truck specially equipped with tiny prison cells for hauling prisoners around while appearing to be a regular delivery truck. This Black Maria is in the collection of the Gulag Museum at Perm 36.

Photograph of two men exiting a "Black Maria," [sometimes translated as a "Black Raven"] a truck specially equipped with tiny prison cells that was designed to appear as a delivery truck.

Photograph of female prisoners shoveling dirt into railroad flatcars taken at BAMlag, the Gulag site engaged in construction of the Baikal-Amur railway.

Photograph of female prisoners working with shovels and wheelbarrows on an excavation site at the construction works at Belomorkanal.

Male and female prisoners using treadle sewing machines in the sewing workshop at Belmorkanal Camp.