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Illustration of Strict Regime Camp, Perm 36 as it existed in 1972-1989.

Illustration depicting an aerial view of Maximum Security Camp, Perm 36 as it existed in its final years of operation between 1980-1989.

Color photograph showing two tall buildings and guard tower visible over a tall wooden fence topped with barbed wire at Perm 36.

Color photograph showing the perimeter fence surrounding Perm 36 in winter. High wooden fence with buildings and guard tower are visible behind the fence.

Black and white photograph of the entrance to camp zone at mines 9, 10 and 11, Vorkuta. The slogan states: "Labor in the USSR is a matter of honor, glory, valor,and heroism."

Line drawing of exterior of camp enclosure with watchtowers at corners.

This color photograph of the interior of a penalty isolator (ShIzo) cell at Perm 36 illustrates the austere conditions that prisoners endured. Prisoners living in the general barracks could be sentenced to time in the penalty isolator, basically a prison within the camp, for failing to follow camp rules, refusing to work or at the whim of camp guards or administrators.