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Black and white photograph of a grandstand decorated with motivational slogans. A group of men in military uniforms lean on the railing while a brass band plays behind them. The gathering celebrates the prisoner "shockworkers." The signs read: "Do no less than 200%; Our record is 250%."

Mkrtchan's pencil drawing reveals the stark reality of a prisoner whose daily labor included carrying back a prisoner who did not survive the day in Ivdellag.

Two black and white photographs show prisoners reading camp newspapers, which were produced as part of the "cultural-educational" apparatus at Gulag camps.

Black and white photograph of a large propaganda display designed on the side of a building at the 2nd camp point of the White Sea Canal camp. The main slogan reads, "Fulfill before the due date." Others shown in the photograph include: "This is the one who removes the dust" and "Be sharp-sighted about quality."

Black and white photograph of prisoner artist Krasil'nikov painting a large portrait of Stalin at the Belomorkanal Construction Department of Culture and Education.

Black and white photograph of the entrance to camp zone at mines 9, 10 and 11, Vorkuta. The slogan states: "Labor in the USSR is a matter of honor, glory, valor,and heroism."

Color photograph looking through the peep hole of a cell door in the punishment cell block at Perm 36. Prisoners would be sent from the regular barracks to the poorly heated, dank punishment cell block (the ShIZO or Penalty Isolator) for violations of camp discipline, failure to fulfill labor norms, or at the whims of camp guards.

Color photograph of toilet facilities (consisting of a hole in the floor) in a punishment cell at Perm 36.

Black and white photograph of barracks interior with male patients on bunks and at a table in the hospital at Belomorkanal Camp.

Color photograph of the ruins of an empty barracks with only the bunks remaining, taken at Bugutychag, a former subcamp at Kolyma.