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Two black and white photographs show prisoners reading camp newspapers, which were produced as part of the "cultural-educational" apparatus at Gulag camps.

Black and white photograph of barracks interior with male patients on bunks and at a table in the hospital at Belomorkanal Camp.

Black and white photograph of a group of young male prisoners on their bunks in a barracks in the Severodvinsk camp.

Mkrtchan pencil drawing depicting a group of prisoners wearing coats and hats huddled around a stove struggling to keep warm in their barracks at Ivdellag.

Black and white photograph of a prisoner's padded jacket with prisoner identification numbers visible on the back.

Color sketch from Evfrosiniia Kersnovskaia's self-illustrated memoirs that depicts a group of blind prisoners lining up for food. Malnutrition and vitamin deficiency caused many cases of blindness, often referred to as night-blindness. She described how night-blinded camp inmates tried to finish eating their food near the food delivery window.

Pencil drawing of a cook serving soup to prisoners lined up on the other side of a window created by Mkrtchan at Ivdellag.

A.A. Merekov sketch from Kolyma of a prisoner watching another play a reed pipe.

Mkrtchan's pencil sketch shows a group of prisoners listening to a guitar player. Song folklore had a long history in Soviet and in pre-Soviet Russian prison life.

In G. K. Protopopov's sketch, prisoners talk and try to warm themselves by the fire in Ivdellag Camp.