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Black and white photograph of a large propaganda display designed on the side of a building at the 2nd camp point of the White Sea Canal camp. The main slogan reads, "Fulfill before the due date." Others shown in the photograph include: "This is the one who removes the dust" and "Be sharp-sighted about quality."

Black and white photograph of prisoner artist Krasil'nikov painting a large portrait of Stalin at the Belomorkanal Construction Department of Culture and Education.

Black and white photograph of the entrance to camp zone at mines 9, 10 and 11, Vorkuta. The slogan states: "Labor in the USSR is a matter of honor, glory, valor,and heroism."

Black and white photograph of prisoner's barracks. Propaganda slogans, including pictures of Ordzhonokidze, Stalin and Marx dominate the far wall. Beds line the right wall, and a stove can be seen on the left. A woman leans against a table. On one of the bunks is the prisoner's cold-weather clothes. The barracks are rather too clean for a typical Gulag scene, and the picture was likely staged itself for propaganda purposes.