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Black and white photograph of prisoners using hoes and shovels to move mining slurry along wooden sluce trough.

Black and white photograph of a lone prisoner pushing an ore car along a track with the Kolyma camp and its guard towers visible in the background.

Color sketch from Evfrosiniia Kersnovskaia's self-illustrated memoirs of two miners working with lanterns and pneumatic drills. In the accompanying text, Kersnovskaia recalls an episode when she was working in a mine and one of the construction managers informed her about a fire in the mine. She did not panic, but calmly cleaned her working space and left.

Photograph of a cart full of ore being pulled out of a mine with six prisoners standing near the mine entrance in Kolyma.

Photograph of mine shaft opening with tracks and wooden framework. Kolyma, 2002.

Merekov sketch of prisoners trudging single file through the cold under guard. "V zaboi pod konvoem" Made in Kolyma camps, ca. 1937-1946.

Black and white photograph of small group of prisoners escorted by female guards. Caption reads "Convoy of Prisoners to Work"

Sketch by an unknown artist depicting a column of prisoners marching through winter conditions to their work sites. Armed guards with attack dogs watch over the prisoners.

Mkrtchan sketch of prisoners forced to extend their work day to dig a grave under the watchful eye of a guard.

Plan of camp zone at Vorkuta showing layout of various buildings within the fenced zone and highlighting locations of some prisoners and shooting guards during a camp strike.