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Black and white photograph of a large group of uniformed individuals standing in front of buildings at a celebration of the 15th anniversary of the October Revolution. Militarized Guard, Belomorkanal Camp


Black and white photograph of a group of chief officials visiting the village of Povenets in the Summer of 1932.


Black and white photograph of group physical training with male and female guards standing in line watching a fellow guard walking on a balance beam.


Prisoner Andrei Vingorsky's painting of a Smolensk female guard in uniform holding a gun across her lap with a view of a city behind her. Prisoner artists often painted camp employees in exchange for extra food rations, better jobs, or other commodities in the Gulag camp "economy."

Painting by Nikolai Getman. Two armed secret police men lead a prisoner with his arms restrained behind his back down a prison corridor, possibly back to his cell, possibly to his execution.

Photograph of two men exiting a "Black Maria," [sometimes translated as a "Black Raven"] a truck specially equipped with tiny prison cells that was designed to appear as a delivery truck.

Merekov sketch of prisoners trudging single file through the cold under guard. "V zaboi pod konvoem" Made in Kolyma camps, ca. 1937-1946.

Black and white photograph of small group of prisoners escorted by female guards. Caption reads "Convoy of Prisoners to Work"

Sketch by an unknown artist depicting a column of prisoners marching through winter conditions to their work sites. Armed guards with attack dogs watch over the prisoners.

Mkrtchan sketch of prisoners forced to extend their work day to dig a grave under the watchful eye of a guard.