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Karlag camp document, 1934: This document is a warning notice from the Head of Administration Sokolov to camp's officials. It is devoted to discussion of differentiation of food rations and need for quality food provisions in camps. It is stressed that camp's heads are not enough concerned with the issue. Thus, this is a friendly reminder, but there will be no more caution.

Minaev's illustration of a prisoner suffering in the darkness of a punishment cell from the series "From the Sufferers without Guilt."

Prisoner Dmitrii Likhachev (future famous scholar) with his parents during meeting. Solovki, 1929.


Pencil drawing by Mkrtchan depicting prisoners digging a grave in frozen ground at Ivdellag camp.

Photograph of wooden cross taken in forest at Obelusat Cemetery near Lake Stanovoi, Solovki.

Black and white photograph of prisoners shot at NKVD prison, Lonskii street, L'viv. Onlookers gasp looking at the heaped bodies, perhaps looking for missing relatives.

Black and white photograph of prisoners breaking up rock and preparing for placement of explosives at Belomorkanal Camp.


B lack and white photograph of male prisoners breaking up rock watched by guards at the construction of Belomorkanal. The 141 mile White Sea - Baltic Sea Canal was largely built with manual labor using precisely the type of crude tools visible in this photograph.


Black and white photograph of a group of men working in the wood shop at the Svirskie camps, Leningradskii region.


Black and white photograph of prisoners clearing and hauling rocks in wheelbarrows from the site of the White Sea Canal.