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Karlag camp documents, 1934: The document is on imposition of administrative punishments regarding Linin (the Chief of Karlag) and Milevskii (Chief of Third Department). They were charged with insufficient organization and transportation of camp inmates to BAM.

Karlag camp document, 1935: The document concludes that granting a meeting for a camp inmate is one of the highest types of award. However, there were cases when meeting was granted to an individual who had no right for it.

Karlag camp documents, 1937: The document stresses that repertoires of camp theatres contained ideologically harmful materials. One of the orders is to exclude any trotskistkii elements or terrorists from participating in any cultural and educational activities.

Karlag camp document, 1937: The document discusses how to avoid cohabitation among prisoners. It is recommended that female and male camp inmates have separate work space.