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Sketch drawn by Vinivitin of a man playing a guitar.

Sketch depicts violin, music books, and a prisoner's face.

Black and white photograph of the brass band of the Medvezhegorsk Militarized Guard at Belomorkanal, posing in front of an incomplete construction.

Black and white photograph of a brass band playing inside the partially-built Belomorkanal. This canal was finished in 1933.

A.A. Merekov sketch from Kolyma of a prisoner watching another play a reed pipe.

Mkrtchan's pencil sketch shows a group of prisoners listening to a guitar player. Song folklore had a long history in Soviet and in pre-Soviet Russian prison life.

Black and white photograph of Russian Orthodox priests creating fish nets in a workshop. Clergy constituted the bulk of the workers in this workshop at the Solovki Camp.

In G. K. Protopopov's sketch, prisoners talk and try to warm themselves by the fire in Ivdellag Camp.