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Karlag camp document, 1931: The document discusses living conditions and work spaces for special resettlements in the northern part of Kazakhstan. The chief of Kazlag, Gorshkov, was ordered to provide the Department of Special Resettlements with inmates.

Karlag camp document, 1931: This document discusses the importance and necessity of political education among camp inmates. It encourages achieving complete class decomposition among camp inmates.

Karlag camp document, 1930: The document discusses the importance of recruiting new staff, as well as rights and privileges of Chekist's volunteers who would agree to pursue leading positions in camps. The duration of employment was considered to be three years, after which guards could change their location. Interestingly, due to difficult conditions in camps volunteers had the right to spend two months on vacation.

Karlag camp document, 1931: The document generally discusses the goals of corrective labor camps, term of imprisonment, the procedure of transportation of prisoners from one camp to another; the distribution of rights and responsibilities between different agencies of OGPU; responsibilities and rights of camp inmates; and types of camp punishment.