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On September 1, 1939, Hitler attacked Poland. Seventeen days later, in collusion with the Nazis,the Soviet Union also invaded Poland.

With the intent of ethnically cleansing the eastern borderlands of Poland, the Russians deported over 1.7 MILLION Polish citizens to Northern Kazahkstan, Siberia and other parts of the USSR. My mother's family were among these unfortunate souls. Of 10 family members who were deported, only 4 survived the journey, the harsh conditions, the inhuman work (on hands and knees digging for gold with hand tools and moving rocks with their bare hands), the starvation and ensuing diseases.

Because the Russians later became the allies of the UK and USA, nothing was ever publicized about these deportations because the Western powers did not want the world to know that they had colluded with the devil.

It is only in the past decade that the stories of the survivors is finally being told.

Untold millions of Grandparents, parents, adolescents, children,and infants from Poland, and from all the countries that fell under Russian domination, died in these inhuman conditions. It is about time that the world acknowledges this fact.

Krystyna (Siomkajlo) SzypowskaJune 19, 2006Link to this Entry