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My father was brought to Germany in the age of 18 as a forced labour. After Liberation Day he escaped the fate of so many other Ukrainians who were shot as 'traitors of the fatherland'. In 1946 he fall in love with my mother and for the crime of having a sexual relationship with a German Woman was deported after a trial before a military court to one of the correction camps of the Gulag Archipelago. He left Germany for Suchobeswodnoje the day before I was born.

I grew up with my mother in the camp at Sachsenhausen, a former concentration camp of the Nazis and later used by the soviets, where we stayed till 1950. We were no exception, in Sachsenhausen alone were more than 36 mothers and their children in that time. When the camp was closed in 1950, we where handed over to the East Germans who send us to their prisons.

My father managed to survive the Gulag Archipelago. With luck and the help of the German Red Cross I found him in Russia in 1997 and two years later in 1999 we met for the first time - more than 50 years after my birth. In summer of 2000 he came to Germany, to see his two grandchildren and to place flowers on my mother's grave. I also have two sisters now and I visited them all for a several times in Russia. He died five years later on Christmas morning 2004 in the age of 79.

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