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My father was the son of Polish immigrants, born in Massachusetts in

1913. In 1926, after years of working in America, my grandfather

purchased land in Eastern Poland and moved his family there. Then 13

years later, in 1940, the entire family became victims of Communism.

They were all deported to the Siberian Gulag on February 10, 1940.

My grandparents died there from starvation and hypothermia but my

father was granted "amnesty" in 1942 to join the Polish Army in Exile

under General Anders, which was part of the British Army. To join he

had to make his way to Persia by foot and hopping trains suffering

from Typhus on the way. He was with Anders Army until 1943 when he

was transferred to the First Polish Armoured Division located in

Scotland. He fought in Normandy, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

After spending about three years in the resettlement corps in

England, he decided to come back to America.

Barbara Soja RevoetApril 12, 2008Link to this Entry