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Perm-36 Museum

Thumbnail of a camp building at the Perm-36 camp.

Dialogue for Democracy Program

The Gulag Museum, along with all Coalition member sites, has designed a program called Dialogue for Democracy. The Dialogues for Democracy help visitors draw connections between the past and the present by using the histories of the sites to inspire new conversations and action on pressing contemporary issues.

Other Programs

Outreach and Traveling Exhibits

Perm-36 is 18 miles from the nearest town; in order to facilitate visitation for those unable to afford travel, the Museum provides sponsored excursions. Several traveling exhibits have been developed to reach out to people in distant areas of the region.

School Projects

There is virtually no mention of totalitarianism and repression in textbooks on Russian history. To rectify this, the Museum has developed a curriculum on 20th-century Russian history for secondary schools and conducts on-site programs for students.

Publishing Projects

The Museum is preparing three publications on the camps and political repression.

Video Archives

Several videos and a multimedia show on Gulag history, human rights, and other related themes have been produced. These will be shown in a new video hall that is being developed.

Oral History and Archeology

Between 1998 and 2000, the museum conducted more than 300 interviews with victims and witnesses of political repression. Transcripts are available as teaching aids and for historical research. The Museum is also involved in archeological digs at the sites of other former camps.