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Karlag Document, 1935: The document mentions cases regarding joint residence of camp inmates with their families on the camp's territory and orders camp administration to resolve the situation.

Karlag camp document, 1935: The document states that there were cases when camp inmates lacked a chance to get newspapers because some cultural and educational workers used newspapers for their own purposes. Newspapers were used instead of wallpaper or tablecloth.It is stressed that any unreasonable obstructions in delivering the newspapers to camp inmates would be punished severely.

Karlag camp document, 1935: The document discusses the results and role of camp's press for camp's well-being. It also granted 2.000 rubles for the best camp journalists.

Karlag camp document, 1935: The document discusses how to organize meeting with relatives for camp inmates in order to avoid cases of inmates refusing to see their relatives who came to visit.

Karlag camp document, 1935: The document stresses that camp inmates were released because they demonstrated themselves as shock workers and disciplined camp inmates.

Karlag camp document, 1932: The document discusses that packages sent by some inmates contained stolen camp food and manufactured goods. Thus, any shipping of such goods was prohibited.

Karlag camp document, 1935: This document stresses the importance of cultural and educational activities which played a decisive role in reeducation of camp inmates. Thus, camp chiefs were given an order to increase the ranks of cultural and educational workers.