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Karlag camp documents, 1937: The document requires action by the camp administration to stop the spread of venereal diseases among prisoners. Thus, one of the orders is to separate men and women who lived together in common barracks.

Karlag camp document, 1937: The document discusses how to isolate venereal patients from healthy camp inmates. It stresses that there was a significant increase in venereal diseases in Karlag camps.

Karlag camp document, 1937: The document describes the results of detail inspection of Karlag for the period of 1936 which was held by GULAG Commission.

Karlag camp documents, 1936: The document concludes that as a result of new arrivals to camps, living conditions seriously worsened. Some Chiefs of Departments allowed overcrowding and bedbugs. and women with babies lived in unsatisfactory conditions.

Karlag camp document: 1936: The document requires Usachev, Chief of the Department , to prevent guards from abusing camp inmates,including cases of physical and moral abuse, and neglecting to support and protect Stakhanovites and shock workers. Thus, one of the orders is to examine the ranks of leading and administrative officials in order to exclude those who violated the camp's policy toward camp inmates. Another provides each camp inmate with information regarding his or her rights.