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Color photograph looking through the peep hole of a cell door in the punishment cell block at Perm 36. Prisoners would be sent from the regular barracks to the poorly heated, dank punishment cell block (the ShIZO or Penalty Isolator) for violations of camp discipline, failure to fulfill labor norms, or at the whims of camp guards.

Color photograph of toilet facilities (consisting of a hole in the floor) in a punishment cell at Perm 36.

This color photograph of the interior of a penalty isolator (ShIzo) cell at Perm 36 illustrates the austere conditions that prisoners endured. Prisoners living in the general barracks could be sentenced to time in the penalty isolator, basically a prison within the camp, for failing to follow camp rules, refusing to work or at the whim of camp guards or administrators.

Photograph of the interior of Lubyanka Prison.