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This monument is dedicated to prisoners who were shot on the site in 1937 near Selifontovo.

One of the largest state-sponsored monuments to the Gulag, this monument sits atop a hill in Astana, the capital of independent Kazakhstan. It incorporates the names of all the major Gulag camps in Kazakhstan, images of barbed wire and the black raven (symbolic of the prisoner truck bearing its name). Many of the non-Russian republics of the former Soviet Union have more readily dealt with the legacy of the Gulag, as they have built it into a narrative of what they (the Russians) did to us (the non-Russian peoples of whatever state). Of course, this simplifies a very complex history in many cases, but at least allows for the beginning of a conversation.

This art installation dedicated to the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression was completed by Evgenii Iosifovich Chubarov in 1998 and sits in the sculpture garden near the New Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow.