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Black and white photograph of the brass band of the Medvezhegorsk Militarized Guard at Belomorkanal, posing in front of an incomplete construction.

Black and white photograph of a brass band playing inside the partially-built Belomorkanal. This canal was finished in 1933.

A.A. Merekov sketch from Kolyma of a prisoner watching another play a reed pipe.

Mkrtchan's pencil sketch shows a group of prisoners listening to a guitar player. Song folklore had a long history in Soviet and in pre-Soviet Russian prison life.

Black and white photograph of Russian Orthodox priests creating fish nets in a workshop. Clergy constituted the bulk of the workers in this workshop at the Solovki Camp.

Photograph taken of Anna Larina as a young woman.

Prisoners pause from their digging to pose for a black and white photograph. Wheel barrels seen in the foreground and unknown buildings stand in the background.