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Color photograph taken of barbed wire and wooden fences as seen through a metal grate at Perm 36.

Sukhanov's sketch illustrating the Karlag camp.

Plan of Perm camp drawn by a Latvian prisoner Gunar Astra. The plan was discovered hidden away in the camp during reconstruction of the Gulag Museum.

Plan of camp zone at Vorkuta showing layout of various buildings within the fenced zone and highlighting locations of some prisoners and shooting guards during a camp strike.

Painting by Georgi Karlovich Wagner, from the series "Kolyma," Magadan, 1946-1947.

Color Pencil sketch of Kolyma Magadan Camp by Georgi Karlovich Wagner. On the reverse there is the image of "Bukhta Nagaevo". Wagner spent years of imprisonment working in the gold mines at Kolyma. As an art historian, he produced an album of scenes of the camps during his time there.

Black and white photograph looking down a clearing to a group of dark buildings. Smoke rises from several places. A carefully stacked pile of lumber sits to the right of the trail.

Overhead panoramic photograph of Vorkuta Camp. Shows extensive system of fences, and multiple barracks. Train tracks run directly through the center of image.