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Andreeva color sketch of Vorkuta's New District.

Andreeva color sketch showing a view of Old Street in Vorkuta.

Andreeva color sketch showing the stuctures at Vorkuta.

Andreeva color sketch showing the mining area at Vorkuta.

Andreeva color sketch depicting the area near the mine at Vorkuta.

Andreeva color crayon sketch illustrating the mine at Vorkuta.

Professional criminals in the camps used their tattoos as a marker of their status. This sketch of a former Vorkuta convict's "grin" tattoo reveals that he is an experienced prisoner, having survived some of the toughest camps. It shows that he had passed through five corrective labor colonies from 1947 to 1963. The tattoo was made in 1962, the year before he was released. It also juxtaposes the grotesquely sexualized image with a text that recalls the Gulag's propaganda. The text reads "Greetings from the Vorkuta camps! 1947-1963. In the USSR labor is a matter of honor, valor and glory! Shelyabozh, Eletsky, Izhma, Kozhma, Khalmer-South."

Prisoners either in camp hospital lie in their cots at the Vorkuta camp.

Plan of camp zone at Vorkuta showing layout of various buildings within the fenced zone and highlighting locations of some prisoners and shooting guards during a camp strike.

Overhead panoramic photograph of Vorkuta Camp. Shows extensive system of fences, and multiple barracks. Train tracks run directly through the center of image.