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Black and white photograph of a prisoner in heavy clothing hauling a water bucket from a well near the mine's gate at Kolyma, Magadan region.

Part of a triptych, "Joy, Bliss, Frost" painted at Kolyma, ca. 1937-1946 by A. A. Merekov. From a series of drawings made in camp and later outlined with India ink.

Painting by Georgi Karlovich Wagner, from the series "Kolyma," Magadan, 1946-1947.

Black and white photograph of two men kneeling in the snow on opposite sides of a tree, They are holding a saw between them. The photograph has writing in Russian in blue ink: "Sesterov with His Partner". Timber was one of the most important Gulag industries, and prisoners worked at it through all seasons with primitive manual tools.