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Color sketch from Evfrosiniia Kernovskaia's self-illustrated memoir of a lone figure in the forest sawing logs. In the accompanying text, Kersnovskaia describes the difficulty of the work.

Black and white photograph of horse cart (grabarka) carrying firewood along wooden tracks. The cart has metal wheels that run on rough wooden rails.


Black and white photograph of prisoners standing on logs in the middle of a stream. After sending logs downstream to their destination, prisoners use long poles to gather the logs together and retrieve them from the water. This work could be incredibly cold and often dangerous to a prisoner's health.


Black and white photograph of two men kneeling in the snow on opposite sides of a tree, They are holding a saw between them. The photograph has writing in Russian in blue ink: "Sesterov with His Partner". Timber was one of the most important Gulag industries, and prisoners worked at it through all seasons with primitive manual tools.